About Homa Homes

Homa Investments Limited (HIL) is incorporated in Ghana and is licensed to undertake real estate development, property sales, marketing and housing management services and project financing.  Our vision is to provide decent homes but at affordable prices to the ordinary Ghanaian under our HOMA HOMES brand. In view of this we have teamed together with a Chinese construction  Company to undertake the Landfield Affordable Housing Project.

HIL is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals from both the Ghanaian and British finance and building industry and is registered with the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre (GIPC) as a strategic investor  to provide low-cost affordable housing under our Landfield Affordable Homes project.

Our vision is to provide decent homes but at affordable prices to the ordinary Ghanaian.

Landfield Affordable Homes

Our maiden project, Landfield Affordable Homes is a US$630 million Master-Planned community situated near the Asutsuare junction and around the serene Shai Hills Reserve Area; about 30 minutes’ drive from the Tema Motorway Roundabout.   Though an affordable housing project, Landfield was designed as a secure and functional communal neighborhood comparable to any upscale community in Ghana.

The entire project of 20,000 housing units is well-planned and made up of 2 and 3 Bedroom apartments consisting of 8 apartments per a 4-storey block with each floor made up of a 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment.  The blocks are rolled out in 16 communities of 1,250 housing units per community.

To ensure our vision to provide decent homes in an upscale setting but at affordable prices to the ordinary Ghanaian, residents can also be assured of the provision of the following infrastructure:


    1. Good Drainage network systems
    2. Well laid out roads (tarred roads and pavements)
    3. Paved parking areas
    4. Street Lights
    5. Power supply (choice of Solar or ECG)
    6. Water supply
    7. Green Belt and Beautifully designed landscaped areas inclusive of communal green areas for relaxation, children playground, etc
    8. Mini community-based Commercial Area consisting of convenient shops, gym, salon etc. to support the lifestyle of that community’s residents and
    9. Centrally-sited Main Communal and Commercial Areas
    10. Estate Management Services
    11. Waste Management
    12. Ultra-modern Computerized Neighbourhood security systems inclusive of CCTV
    13. Wide Area Network and Wi-Fi and Television
    14. Recreational
    15. Educational
    16. Transport (Bus terminals)
    17. Civic (Health facilities, Police Station, Church etc
    18. Services areas (Sewage treatment works, market, light industrial service area, fuel stations etc)

Info data for our block and community concepts are:

Block Data

1 Blocks
8 Flats
8 Families
40 People
8 Cars

Community Data

160 Blocks
1280 Flats
1280 Families
6400 People
1280 Cars